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LJB Product Solutions specializes in turnkey solutions that perform, from custom fixtures for more efficient production to rapid design and prototyping. We’re ready to help you spin up new machines and products quickly, so you can grow and evolve. Have an idea? We’ll use our diverse skill set to quickly transform conceptual ideas into tangible products and fixtures.

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What Makes LJB Different

We like to get our hands dirty because that’s where innovation happens. Our team has been working together for years, and we love the chance to apply our extensive problem-solving experience to high-functioning solutions. We’re a flat, flexible group that makes it easy for small and mid-market companies to partner with us on their design and manufacturing needs. Save time with our turnkey services so you can confidently take your product to market.

Meet Our Team

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Luke Boesel


MBA and mechanical engineer Luke Boesel founded LJB Product Solutions 15 years ago to develop the innovative, practicable engineering solutions companies need to improve production and accelerate growth. Under Luke’s leadership, LJB has become a southeastern-Wisconsin, go-to resource for well-designed custom fixtures and fast-turnaround product solutions at every point in the design-to-fulfillment cycle.

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Josh Miller

Engineering Manager

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Alex Markovic

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

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Why LJB Exists


Have an idea? We can supply concepts backed by years of experience in a range of engineering environments. LJB handles projects of all sizes with consistent dedication to performance, efficiency, cost and rapid turnaround. Let’s get to it and get it done to your satisfaction.

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